Pole Fusion offers many types of sessions :

Pole Fusion Classes

1. Taster Sessions

2. Pole / Aerial Hoop 6 hour Courses at various levels

3. 50+ Exercise Class

4. Armageddon

5. Dance Crazy

6. Deep Stretch

7. Fitness Burlesque

8. Hard Core

9. Legs, Bums & Tums

10. Mum & Baby Boogie

11. Open Pole / Aerial Hoop

12. Pole Circuits

13. Pole Competition Phases

14. Pole Fit Choreography

15. RIPPED Circuits

16. Step It Up !


18. Inch Loss Bootcamp

19. Yoga Flow

20. Yoga For Toddlers

21. Hen Party / Birthday Party Experience

22. Private Bookings / Corporate Events

Taster Sessions

A taster session is a 1 hour class where you can come and experience some light pole / aerial hoop activity.  depending upon which taster session you book.

It is highly recommended that individuals attend a taster session before booking a 6 hour course, especially if they are not sure what a pole / aerial hoop class entails.  It is a class where you can come on your own or with friends and have a huge amount of fun!

6 Hour Courses

A Course, is a block booking of either 6 x 1 hour sessions , 4 x 1 1/2 hour sessions, or 3 x 2 hour sessions held regularly each week.  During each week you will do a workout that comprises of:

�       Mobilization, pulse raiser and warm up
�       Stretches of major muscle groups
�       Floor work
�       Pole / Aerial Hoop moves from the course curriculum
�       Cool down and stretch

Each week you will learn different moves as well as recapping on the moves of previous weeks.

The Pole / Aerial Hoop Courses are structured in various Levels, with Level 1 being Beginners.

50+ Exercise Class

For those over 50 looking to stay fit, active and have fun! A fantastic class to meet new people.


A fast paced variable intensity group fitness and personal training concept for people of all levels. Based around a circuit framework, carefully designed to encourage development in your fitness and aids in both fat loss and muscular improvement.

Dance Crazy

A good old fashioned and effective high / low aerobics class! Easy to follow and guaranteed to have you sweating those calories and excess body fat away! Lots of cheesy tunes, so you need to bring a sense of fun to this one!

Deep Stretch

A relaxing and calm class that encourages relaxation and safe transition in to a variety exercises which will lengthen and stretch your entire body.
Time to breathe. Time for you.

Fitness Burlesque

A beautiful class enjoyed by many as it sculpts the body whilst having a huge amount of fun and giving you the confidence of a true diva! Each week you will learn a new Burlesque dance routine - some traditional in style and some more modern. No experience necessary, just a good sense of humour!

Hard Core

Get a flatter stomach, a leaner waist and stronger abdominals in this quick and effective class that focuses on targeting the muscles of your core.

Legs, Bums & Tums

Does exactly what it says on the tin! A class that works on shaping and toning your legs, bums and tums! Easy to follow and suitable for all.

Mum & Baby Boogie

A low impact easy to follow dance and toning class for mums with babies. All you need is a baby sling (and baby) and comfortable clothing with trainers.
Come and dance yourself back in to shape!

Open Pole / Aerial Hoop

For those students who have completed a Pole or Aerial Hoop Course and need some practise time!
Pole / Hoop Course needs to be attended first

Pole Circuits

Our most established class on the timetable! Not a class where you will learn spins and tricks, but one that will improve your cardiovascular fitness level and your muscular strength and endurance, whilst still using the pole as a piece of fitness equipment. It is hard work, but extremely effective. No pole experience is needed in order to attend and suitable for all.

Pole Competition Phases

For Elite Pole Students who have completed the Level 7 Pole Course

Pole Fit Choreography

A class for those who have completed a Pole Course at Pole Fusion and would like to learn how to use the moves to form a routine. Using a variety of different dance styles from Street to Contemporary, from Commercial to Ballet.
Relevant Pole Course must be passed before attending

RIPPED Circuits

Using a variety of exercises, equipment and training methods RIPPED Circuits will shape and tone your body as well as improving your motor skills. A fantastic class for those who are not afraid of hard work!

Step It Up !

Bringing back Step! Jump up, off and around a platform following simple routines to great sounds. Get your heart thumping, blood flowing and muscles motivated.


Using a wide variety of equipment from Kettle Bells, Dumb Bells, Medicine Balls, Alpha Bags, together with natural body weight and gravity. It's a fantastic class for those who like to see results quickly and are not afraid to lift weights. Itís a great class to attend if you are wanting to achieve that sculpted, strong and lean physique.

Inch Loss Bootcamp

A group class designed for mixed abilities and fitness levels. You wonít feel humiliated or embarrassed, nor will you feel like anybody is holding you back or not pushing you hard enough. This is not a military style Bootcamp but a class that concentrates on helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Yoga Flow

A smooth, flowing yoga class where the poses run together. One of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. Suitable for all.

Yoga For Toddlers

A yoga class designed for parents and children aged 3-5 years old. Come and enjoy this wonderfully innovative 45 min class.

Hen Party / Birthday Party Experience

For more information, please contact kathy@polefusion.co.uk and ask for our Hen Party / Birthday Party Experience guide.

Private Bookings / Corporate Events

For more information on either one-on-one teaching, private group bookings or corporate events please e-mail email kathy@polefusion.co.uk for more information.

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